Official Letters From Santa 2016

Official Santa’s Map

Directions From The North Pole To Your House!

Santa’s Naughty or Nice List

The Good Girls and Boys List which features Your Child’s Name!

Certificate Letter From Santa

Personalized Official Santa Seal Postmarked From The North Pole!

My Review of Official Letters From Santa (Christmas 2016)

Every child has a special connection with Santa Claus. Thanks to a new product called “Official Letters from Santa”, parents can send their children personalized letters from Santa Claus himself.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1) You visit the Official Letters from Santa website
Step 2) You enter your child’s first name, your city, your state, and the name of one friend
Step 3) Your child receives a personalized gift package from Santa Claus in the mail, including a letter from Santa, a “Nice List”, a “Nice List Certificate”, and a “Santa Map”

Santa Letters 2016 GiftsIt’s a pretty cool gift to give any child. Let me tell you: there’s something special about seeing your kid’s eyes light up when he or she receives this gift in the mail.

I mean, kids usually don’t get a lot of mail. And when they see this letter from Santa Claus sticking out of the pile, it’s guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

I’ve ordered the Official Letters from Santa service for two Christmases in a row. So what do I think of this service? Here’s my honest, unbiased review of Official Letters from Santa:

It’s a fun, memorable, and unique gift for any little boy or girl

Kids are tough to please when it comes to giving gifts. No matter what gift you give, one of their friends will get something bigger, better, and more awesome.
So why not get them something totally unique? Official Letters from Santa is a unique and memorable gift that nobody but your child can receive.

The letter itself is personalized with information from your child. Here’s what it looks like:

Your child receives a gift that nobody else in the world could get. It’s personalized with the first name of your child, your city, your state, and even the name of a friend.

To kids, that letter is going to seem absolutely magical.

We framed our letter from Santa Claus

My 7 year old loved his Official Letter from Santa so much that we decided to frame it. It now hangs proudly in his room. I know he keeps his certificate and good list somewhere in his desk too.

He absolutely loved his gift, and even when he gets too old to believe in Santa Claus, he’s going to treasure that letter for a long time.

Eventually, I know my kid will think it’s silly and he’ll understand how the service works. But for the next little while, he’s going to continue believing it’s a work of magic.

Lots of extra goodies

In addition to that unique letter listed above, you get three bonus gifts included with each beautiful package that arrives at your door. Those three bonus gifts are:

-Santa’s Nice List: This list features the names of 33 randomly-picked boys and girls along with the first and last name of your child. The list says “The Official Nice List” at the top and features a double check mark verification of authenticity along the bottom.

-Santa’s Nice List Certificate: You also get an official certificate including the signed name of your child. That certificate states “In Acknowledgement of Outstanding Behavior and Extraordinary Achievement, I Santa, Place [NAME] on the Nice Boys and Girls List of 2016.” It’s signed by a “Head Elf” and Santa Claus himself.

-Santa Map: Your gift package includes a map of Santa’s path he’ll take to your house from the North Pole. That map stretches a large blue directional arrow all the way from the North Pole to your state. Your state has a big ‘X’ arrow beside it along with [NAME]’s Home.

Each gift is personalized with a cheerful, glowing Santa Claus in his trademark red Santa suit. There are also jolly green elves, smiling reindeer, and colorful presents. It’s the little details that make this gift extra special.

Money back guarantee and honest business policies

I’ve dealt with a lot of online companies, and a lot of them are less-than-honest. They’ll lure you in with one price, then hit your credit card with another.

Fortunately, that’s not the case. Official Letters from Santa embraces the Christmas spirit and appears to be a generous and honest company. There are a few reasons why I believe this.

First, the Official Letters from Santa website offers a 30 day 100% money back guarantee on all orders. So if you’re unsatisfied with any part of your order, you can get a full refund.

Secondly, the website uses HTTPS protection, which means your ordering information is encrypted. Neither your credit card information nor your child’s name will be at-risk.

Thirdly, you save money the more packages you order. The first package is $19.99 and all additional packages you order (on the same visit) are $14.99.

Finally, all orders qualify for free shipping. So you won’t see some pointless “Shipping & Handling” fee appear on your credit card a few weeks from now.

It’s these honest policies which have made Official Letters from Santa a joy to deal with ever since I started ordering from them.

Are there any downsides to Official Letters from Santa?

Official Letters from Santa is a cool service, but it’s not perfect. I think that $19.99 is a fair price to pay for a few colorfully customized pieces of stationary with your kid’s customized name printed out. But some people might think paying $20 for 4 pieces of paper is a bit much. I get that – even if I disagree.

The only other downside I can think of is that older children probably won’t appreciate this gift. If your child is around that age where he or she has stopped believing in Santa, then this will probably be a cheesy gift to give.

But if they’re still firm believers in Mr. Claus, then their customized letter from Santa Claus will put a smile on their face.

Is this the perfect gift for your child?

Official Letters from Santa is a creative service that delivers a unique gift to your house during Christmas. My seven-year old boy loved it – and I’m sure your child will too. At a price of $19.99, it’s a steal this holiday season.